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Stones with a human heart

Honoring the memories of fallen IDF soldiers and victims of terror. Make your own decorated stoneWe will place it on a grave on your behalf

About us

Our project, “Stones With A Human Heart”, was established by Chavi Ehrenfeld, the volunteer affiliate manager of “Navah” a nonprofit organization that has provided support to bereaved families for over 20 years.

Memorial Day is an international day that connects the entire Jewish community together.

Many bereaved families are unable to visit the graves of their beloved relatives on this day. Our project steps in to fill this void by enabling every family to embrace their fallen relatives and honor their memories, even if they can’t be there in person, by placing a decorated stone with a loving message on the grave on their behalf.

Through our project, you can request to have a stone decorated with a personal message of love and warmth. Our volunteers will decorate stones for you and place them on your relative’s grave on Memorial Day.

A picture of the stone being placed on the grave will be sent to the bereaved families in Israel and across the world.

“Whenever I speak of him, I remember him more and more” Jeremiah 31:19

משפחות שכולות מספרות

Join Us

Thank you for your willingness to partake in this meaningful and exciting project on behalf of bereaved families in Israel and around the world.

Memorial Day for fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror will take place on April 25, 2023.

We need many volunteers to join this project in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day and on Memorial Day itself.

Volunteers will coordinate activities across Israel, decorate stones as per the families’ requests, and place them on the graves of fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror in military and civilian cemeteries around the country.

Feedback from bereaved families