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Stones with a human heart

Perpetuating the memories of the fallen IDF soldiers and the victims of terrorism.
Make your own decorated stone,
We will make sure to have it placed on your beloved soldier’s grave on your behalf.

Our story

In early 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual memorial ceremonies honoring fallen Israeli soldiers were cancelled due to the lockdown, leaving bereaved families unable to visit and pay their respects to their loved ones in the cemetery. This unfortunate situation prompted the “Nava” organization to act and create the inspiring project “Stones with a Human Heart.”

The project’s primary goal is to establish identification and unity with the bereaved families by placing decorated stones, adorned with messages of love and support, on the graves of IDF martyrs. Through this initiative, the “Nava” organization hopes to honor the memory of these fallen heroes and offer solace to their families during this difficult time.

The project’s success has exceeded all expectations, leading the “Nava” organization to open the initiative to Jewish communities worldwide. This expansion allows every bereaved family to transfer a beautifully designed stone to Israel, which volunteers will then place on the grave of their loved ones.

“Because I bore the reproach of my youth” Jeremiah 31:19

Families who do not live in Israel can easily order a stone, which will be placed on the grave by volunteers with utmost respect and reverence.

Join us in spreading the word about this heartwarming initiative and help us offer comfort to bereaved families worldwide. Together, we can ensure that the memory of Israel’s fallen soldiers lives on forever.

Our team

מיכל וואכטל חלמיש

מנהלת פיתוח בחברת מיקרו פוקוס ומנהלת בהתנדבות את עמותת “הקבוצה”

חוי ארנפלד​

מנהלת שותפה בארגון “נאוה”. חוי מרכזת בהתנדבות את פרוייקט ליל הסדר למשפחות השכולות. בעבודתה, חוי מנהלת את חברת “חוי ארנפלד – השכלה אקדמית לנשים חרדיות”. מתגוררת ברמת בית שמש, נשואה ואם לשלושה.

תהילה פרידמן

מייסדת ומנהלת ארגון “נאוה” החל משנת 2002. תהילה היא יזמית פעילה אשר פיתחה מספר תכניות ועסקים בישראל. בעלת ניסיון בניהול צוותי עבודה ופרוייקטים נרחבים. מתגוררת בקרית יערים, נשואה ואם לשישה.